PROMO WORKS, INC. : "Promoting work that makes people STOP, THINK and ACT."

Promo Works, Inc. (PWI) is an Integrated Marketing Agency, that has the capacity, resources and know-how to implement a range of different marketing strategies in one cohesive effort.

We offer our clients a package service, which brings together online and offline marketing efforts in a consistent and balanced way. This gives marketing campaigns added depth and breadth and maximizes their impact.

We always aim to create the Ultimate Consumer Experience, adding value and life to every campaign and/or ideas.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to bring the spirit of brands to life in their respective markets, building their reputations along with results.

We take the Brand Activation into a whole new level by ensuring that it…

• Wins attention and involvement

• Makes the brand’s spirit come to life distinctively

• Activated ideas move consumers into action

• Is accountable and exceeds expectations

We promote work that makes people, STOP, THINK, and ACT.

Our Core values are guiding principles that dictate our
behavior and help our people understand the difference
between right and wrong.

It helps us determine if we are on the right path and fulfill our goals by creating an unwavering guide.

Each employee is held responsible to live their lives with Integrity, Accountability and Transparency

This is what makes us Unique from our competitors, Integrity above All.


Our employees are passionate about their work and motivated by a strong sense of commitment and responsibility to our clients and to the company’s thrust in providing excellent service that only Promo Works, Inc. could provide.

Our Operations Team are Headed by Managers and Field Based Supervisors.

Operations Support Team consist of Admin, HR, Finance and Legal Teams.

Field Personnel Deployed include:

• Merchandisers / Refiller

• Promo Girls / Brand Ambassadors

• Promo-disers

• Project Coordinators

• Creative Personnel / Graphic Artists

• Data Collectors

With a nationwide network, Promo Works, Inc. will handle your marketing needs with ease and will commit to deliver impressive results to your company and consumers.

What Makes Promo Works, Inc. Stand Out Over Its Competitors?

Our best asset is our people passionately working with:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Promo Works, Inc. is a proud supporter of World Vision and World Wildlife Fund

What We Do

Industry Information & Present Conditions

Promo Works, Inc. serve various industries in need of Marketing Consultants to help them run their business. We offer different brand activations and marketing activities catered to each client’s needs to reach their respective target markets.